“Teaching music is not my main purpose. I want to make good citizens. If children hear fine music from the day of their birth and learn to play it, they develop sensitivity, discipline and endurance. They get a beautiful heart.” –Shinichi Suzuki

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Suzuki Books and mp3 downloads

Here are the links to purchase:

My advise is to purchase the Book without CD and download the songs from iTunes directly on your phone or mp3 device. Another option is to listen to Book 1 playlist on the SoundCloud app.

Please, make sure you have the original book and the music ready and easily available for listening!


Buy Suzuki Books

Download Suzuki mp3


Cadenza Tuner + Metronome (iOS only)

This is the tuner that I use and I like it because it is very clean and has a metronome with it. The only downside is that is only available for iOS.


insTuner (iOS and Android)

All cello players need a tuner and this one is fairly easy to use and is available for iOS and Android.


ABRSM Speedshifter (iOS only)

This is a great app to slow down your music, since some recordings are a bit too fast for a beginner student. Many students like to practice with a recording so this app solves the speed problem.


SoundCloud (iOS and Android)

I made a few playlists for you:

  • Music & Giggles Songs
  • Pre-Twinkle Songs
  • Twinkle Play Along
  • Suzuki Cello Book 1
  • Suzuki Cello Book 2

Highly recommend this app to listen to your music wherever you go! Download the app (it’s free!) and search for Monica Lima Suzuki Studio.

Cello Supplies


This is an important accessory for your bow and sound quality. There are many brands and types but, for a beginner cellist, a basic rosin is good enough. You should apply a bit of rosin to your bow hair every time your are going to play. Buy here


Cello endpin stopper

This is also an important accessory to prevent your cello from slipping and to protect the floor where you are going to play. Buy here


Microfibre Cleaning Cloth

Make cleaning your cello after playing a habit. Have a microfibre cloth on your cello case and always clean the strings and the body of your cello from rosin and dust.


Music Stand

You won’t need a music stand right away, since most students are learning by ear and not yet reading at the beginning. As soon as the student starts reading, it is a good idea to have a music stand at home. Buy here


Cello Stand

Although this one might seem a bit too professional, I highly recommend having a cello stand where you can leave your cello ready to play. These stands are adjustable so you can fit a small cello up to a full size cello. By not having to get the cello out of the case everyday, this is just the best solution to save time during practice and your tight schedule! Buy here

Tips for Parents

I know that learning the cello can be a bit overwhelming for parents. There are times where you wish that your child would cooperate a bit more and that practice time would be a consistent and enjoyable experience.

One of my main goals in my Studio is to help parents during this process. I know all parents want the best for their children, but sometimes it can be a very demanding job. I believe a big part of my job is to work along parents, to help you in any possible way.

Below I have made a list that I think can be really helpful for Suzuki parents. You will find a whole community of parents that are going through the same as you. Some ups and downs of learning an instrument are predictable and everyone goes through similar phases. The more we educate ourselves in this beautiful methodology called The Suzuki Method, the better we will understand our children and be able to help them.

I hope you enjoy this list!

Reading Books



I love these podcasts! I listen to it when I am walking, exercising, cooking, on the bus… Some are short and insightful and I am sure you will get great value from it.

Practice Charts

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